Weekly Derm News

The most important news in Dermatology is no News!

There is so much hype and misinformation out there that you won'tknow where to turn.

Most all diseases are improved greatly with a healthy diet, appropriate exercise, vitamin supplemation and stress management.

With 50 years of medical experience and board certification in Dermatology and Internal Medicine,I will share with you my personal journey to insure a lifetime of optimal health.Preventive, Functional and Integrative Medicine are the keys to recover your most precious asset, your health.I am with you from your first visit to the end of your treatments.You get my undevided attention from start to finish.NO SUBSTITUTES!

Your skin is a window of what is lurking inside your body.It is also an excellent revealer of external factors that can jeopardize your health.By performing a comprehensive skin exam, I am able to uncovers these clues and alert you to potential dangers externally and internally.

Also beware of misguided overtreatments of skin cancers.There is rampant misuse of a skin surgery called MOHS.and the overuse of skin flaps and grafts.I have extensive experience in all types of skin surgery and treatments.I will tailor your treatments based upon the surgical needs, your safety and your wishes including cost, cosmetics and inconvience.I will not overtreat your skin cancers to get better reembursement.Shame on those who do!