Dermatology Staff

I consider myself part of my medical staff or team with each one of us playing a unique roll in serving and educating our patients. My staff is totally dedicated to instruct and facilitate healthy outcomes. They per se do not diagnose or see patients alone. I AM ALWAYS THERE TO GREET, DIAGNOSE, PRESCRIBE, PERFORM SURGERY, REMOVE SUTURES, AND ATTEND TO ALL WOUND CARE ETC.  You will always see me from start to finish. The doctor is always "in" to see you personally and share 43 years of excellent dermatologic training and expertise from some of the best medical institutions in the country, (Brown, Darthmouth, Harvard Universities) and trained by some of the world's best experts. I have had  50 wonderful years in medicine, including Board Certification in Dermatology and Internal Medicine.  YOUR DIAGNOSIS, TREATMENT, CARE, and SURGERY, IS MY RESPONSIBILITY, NOT SOME NURSE PRACTIONER OR RN WITH LIMITED EXPERIENCE!

Is my staff well trained? They are excellent because every day is a teaching and learning experience for them, orchestrated by my years of total dedication to Medicine. They are educators par excellence, teaching and reinforcing the best, the healthiest, most reasonable, financially practical ways to return your skin to optimal health. We don't stop there.  Under my direct guidance, they offer ways to enhance or regain your overall health, which of course will benefit your skin condition greatly.


Kristie: Graduated University of S W Florida with a  B.S. Degree in  Nursing and B.A. in Psychology. Undergraduate studies at Holy Cross And University of S W Florida. She has 19 years of Dermatology experience. Compassion, patience and teaching are her natural attributes.

Jean: A Medical Assistant who has been with us for 15 years. Also a pharmacy tech for 25 years. Knowledgeable, friendly, and conscientious, are some of her outstanding attributes. She is an excellent surgical assistant.

Jeanette: A Medical Assistant who just recently joined our team has 11 years of dermatology experience. She is easy-going yet highly effective at teaching and communicating vital patient information.


LeAnn: LeAnn has been our office manager for 14+ years.  She has 35 years of office administration experience. She is so knowledgeable that the largest dermatological electronic medical software managing company has chosen LeAnn and our office to beta test and create a new medical software. She is the person to contact with any insurance o r medical billing concerns.

Sonia: Not only does Sonia have years of experience at the front desk but also is proficient in billingand payment conerns.

Victoria: She is our greetor and front desk check in secretary. She will help you navigate through all that onerous paper work and  insure that you are comfortable in the waiting room.