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By The Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center of SW FL
November 25, 2020
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Here’s what you should know about moles and warts.

Are you wondering whether you should be concerned about your mole or wart? Wondering whether you should turn to our Port Charlotte, FL, dermatologist for cosmetic removal? While these are two very common skin growths it’s important to understand that they are also very different. Warts are benign skin-colored growths that are usually harmless (but can be an esthetic nuisance if they develop on the face or feet); however, moles have the ability to turn cancerous over time.


Everyone has moles, pigmented growths that can develop anyone on the body or face. In fact, most people have anywhere from 10 to 40 moles by the time they reach adulthood. While most moles are benign it’s also important to keep an eye on them to look for signs of skin cancer. It’s important to see your Port Charlotte, FL, dermatologist once a year for a routine skin cancer screening, but it’s also just as important that you see a doctor if a mole changes in appearance.

Warning signs of a cancerous mole include,

  • An asymmetrical mole (when one half doesn’t match the exact shape and size of the other half of the mole)
  • An irregular, poorly defined, or blurry border
  • A mole that is multiple colors
  • Growths that are larger than a pencil eraser in diameter
  • Moles that crust, bleed, ooze, or grow larger

If you notice any of these changes, it’s important to call your dermatologist as soon as possible.


Warts are painless skin-colored bumps caused by an infection known as the human papillomavirus (HPV). Since warts are harmless, they don’t usually require treatment. However, it can take years for warts to go away on their own, so you may choose to see our dermatologist have warts removed. This is often the case if warts are in an awkward or uncomfortable area such as the face, bra line, or soles of the feet. There are several ways to remove warts, but the most common method is cryotherapy (freezing the wart off).

Turning to The Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center of SW FL for Wart or Mole Removal

If you are concerned about a changing mole or an uncomfortable wart, The Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center of SW FL can provide you with the treatment you need to have the growth removed. Dr. Chiarello has over 47 years of experience and has trained with some of the world’s best dermatology experts, so you know you’re in good hands when it comes to undergoing cosmetic removal of your moles or warts at our Port Charlotte, FL, practice.

The Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center of SW FL in Port Charlotte is proud to provide a full range of dermatology services including cosmetic removal of moles and warts for patients of all ages.

If you have concerns about a changing mole or a wart, call our office today at (941) 625-2878.